Various health projects are designed & tested by YOJAK. Successful projects are upscaled to other villages through YOJAK supported self help groups and cooperatives.


For immediate help call us on 9422328104

This line is active for;

  1. HIV+
  2. Women in distress
  3. Child in need
Do-Nation Bank

We recieve number of queires regarding where to distribute old cycles, toys, cloths, utensils, computers.

Now you can deposit old at Do-Nation bank.

Call 9422328104


Upcoming events

We organise health camps almost every month. Educational camps are organised periodically.

Activities are conducted in very remote areas & slums. Join as volunteer or sponsor camps. call 9422328104


Success Stories

Adarsh Self Help Group: When young dynamic tribal men gather together with a mission, change is bound to happen.

YOJAK facilitated and witnessed the change that occured in last 4 years. Read more...


With dedicated staff of 20 plus, we are constantly looking for young talents to serve the nation.


Following successful projects are tested by YOJAK at various sites and proven impact.

  • Health camps with General physician along with Eye specialists and gynaecologists.
  • Awareness programs on HIV, TB, diabetes, mental health
  • Vyasanmukti awareness programs
  • Parisar swachata abhiyan
  • Toilet construction

We are in a continuous process of building innovative projects in the field of health. Our approach is always to fill the gap where government is not able to reach. The approach is also to search for projects where minimum financial resources are needed and village workers can also run projects. (Kindly note: Government is already giving huge amount of money in health sector)


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